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Leray Warren Family, Family of the Year 2011

Leray Owen Warren was born on February 11, 1932 in Salem Utah, to William Owen and Ruth Stacy Cloward Warren in his parent’s home. He is the first of two children, having a younger sister, Louise Riding. Leray is a 3rd generation citizen of Salem where his great-grandparents homesteaded the farm which he now operates and supervises.

He attended Salem Elementary School (grades 1-6), and Salem Junior High School (grades 7-9).

While in Junior High he was chosen as class president. He graduated from Spanish Fork High School in 1951.

Beatrice Koyle moved to Salem with her family during her 3rd grade year (Lerays 4th) where they met in school. Leray and Beatrice went on their first “official” date at the end of his 9th grade year where they attended his 9th Grade Graduation Dance. They dated during their high school years and became engaged in February of Lerays senior year. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple on June 5, 1952. They were blessed with six children: Boyd, Mary Ruth, Bruce, Brent, Brian and Brad.

Leray enjoyed hunting, fishing, camping and farming. He and Beatrice enjoyed traveling and experienced many sites around the world. The summer highlights of his youth were playing night games, stealing watermelons and floating them down the canal for a watermelon bust under the streetlights and chick-a-ree’s with his friends. Somehow a hole was shot through the roof of his father’s car while he and his friends were out hunting. It is reported that the hole was repaired with tape and matching paint, which was undiscovered for several months.

Leray has been an active member of his Church faithfully serving as Elders Quorum President, a Seventy, Seventy’s Group Leader, Ward Mission Leader, Stake High Councilor and in several Bishoprics. He has served in numerous capacities within the community.

His occupational pursuits include US Steel Ironton Plant, Illinois Powder Plant and Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe Plant, where he retired after 33 years of service. All through the years that he was working to provide for his family, he operated his farm, which included 80 acres of crop land as well as a poultry operation, a C grade dairy and a beef cattle operation.

Leray is a Melanoma Cancer survivor and has been cancer free for many years. Beatrice cared for him through this and many other illnesses. For the last several years of Beatrice’s life, Leray cared for her throughout her illnesses. Beatrice passed away on November 18, 1995.

Leray met Linda Trautman, and after a nice dating and courtship period, they were married on May 7, 1999. They have had many happy years together. Leray and Linda enjoy traveling and visiting family. Their most recent trip was to Hawaii with Leray’s children and their spouses. Leray and Linda continue to live in Salem.
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