******Teams that are scheduled to practice on Tuesdays will practice on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26th to make up for the practice they will miss on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31st.  No practices will be held on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31st because of Halloween. 

Volleyball Practice Schedule            
Tuesday- Salem Jr. High                
5:15 Lindsay Castleberry The Aces 801-318-1168 7th/9th        
5:15 Jane Mangum Block Party 801-592-2155 7th/9th        
5:15 Angela Johnson Digz 801-360-9568 5th/6th    
5:15 Jessica Robinson Spiker Chicks 801-404-0110 7th/9th        
6:15 Miranda Van Horn Sugar N' Spike 1-801-455-2250 5th/6th        
6:15 Jami Harward Salem Smash 801-874-7101 3rd/4th        
6:15 Beverly Livingston Fireballs 801-919-5041 3rd/4th Lizzy Powell 808-266-0077
6:15 Rick Pruden SWAT Team 385-269-1660 7th/9th        
7:15 Bridgett Cook Lil' Skyhawks 801-380-0249 3rd/4th        
Wednesday- Activity Center                
3:30 Ralph Hughes EZ Pass 801-319-6121 7th/9th        
4:30 Jodi Van Tassell Aces High 801-319-8962 5th/6th Kelly Stewart    
5:30 Keri Marziale Volley-Llamas' 801-310-8982 5th/6th        
6:30 Rebecca Murray Spikers 801-836-7820 5th/6th        
7:30 Amy Elmer All about that Ace 801-367-8464 3rd/4th Jammie Hansen 435-262-0480


 Girls Volleyball Rule Clarification 

We are waiting for one additional piece of information before we can post the 2017 volleyball schedules.  As soon as they are finished, we will post them in the area below.

3rd/4th Grade Volleyball Schedule 2017
5th/6th Grade Volleyball Schedule 2017
7th-9th Grade Volleyball Schedule 2017