PreK-6th grade players are required to wear a Salem Recreation soccer jersey!
Soccer Jersey's may be purchased at the Recreation Office for $12,
or you may purchase a soccer jersey during online registration.

It is your RESPONSIBILITY to PICK UP your Soccer Jersey at the Recreation Office.

7th-9th Grade players jersey and socks are included with your fee. You will be required to wear black shorts, which are not provided. They will be given to the coach before the first game.

Indoor Soccer

2024 Rules

Salem Recreation Soccer - Header Rule

As of Wednesday, September 11, 2019 headers will no longer be allowed in Salem Recreation Soccer in the 6th Grade and under age divisions. 

**If a deliberate header occurs, the ref will evaluate the situation and either a PK or direct placement kick will be awarded to the opposing team



Pre-K Spring Schedule 2024
Kindergarten Spring Schedule 2024
1st/2nd Grade Spring Schedule 2024
3rd/4th Grade Spring Schedule 2024
5th/6th Grade Spring Schedule 2024
7th-9th Grade Spring Schedule 2024

STANDINGS- 2024 Spring
Spring Soccer Flyer PreK-6th grade 

Spring Soccer Flyer 7th-9th grade
Summer Soccer Camp 2024 - Registration Begins March 18th!

What to do if you are short players?
Pre-K to 2nd Grade – Coaches, you need to make it work so the teams have even numbers on the field. Maybe borrow the other team a player. It doesn’t matter, we aren’t keeping score.

3rd-9th grade if a team is short 1 player from the amount required to play on the field they can play as is and it will still count as a regular game, the opposing team can decide if they want to match your numbers on the field or not. If you are short 2 players from the amount required to play on the field, start the game with what you have. If you are still short 10 minutes into game time, the game becomes a scrimmage and the win will be officially recorded for the opposing team. If at any point a 3rd-9th grade team accepts a player from the other team to play with them, they are also accepting a forfeit. Wins can only be achieved if you play the kids on your official roster.

Slide tackling or even an attempt to slide tackle will result in an immediate foul.