Come for lunch and the activity of the day or just come for lunch, we'd love to have you either way.
Lunches are offered with a suggested $3 donation. 

September Lunch Menu
and Activities

          We are excited to begin our Senior Citizen Program at the new Recreation Activity Center. Jen Wright will be in charge of this program.  If a senior wants to participate in these programs or activities, we need them to fill out a one time registration form.  There will be an annual $10.00 membership fee for those 60-79 years of age, 80 and older are free.  We hope to help it grow this into something that is a great asset to our community. Our goal, expectation, and motto for this program is for our seniors to "peacefully enjoy the best years with fun, food, and service." 


          Our new activity building has allowed us to have new and exciting activities for our seniors.   Members will be invited to a monthly super activity, any clubs or group we organize like painting, card groups, board games, pickle ball, bingo, bunco, quilting guild, etc.  We plan to implement a super activity once a month, hoping to have the first one in June.  Please let us know if there are any activities you would like to add to our program.  We want to build this program based on your interests.  


          Senior lunches will be provided soon, we are just waiting for the kitchen to be completed.  An invitation will be mailed to the seniors that have registered letting them know when we will start.  Once we begin lunches will be served on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Registration began April 1st, and those interested must RSVP by 1:00 the day before.  Lunches will be offered with a suggested $3 donation.  In order to qualify for the lunches, you need to be over 60.  Lunches do not require a membership but those interested must RSVP by 1:00 the day before. To register, visit the Recreation office at 60 N. 100 E. Salem UT. 84653.    August Lunch Menu  September Lunch Menu & Activities


          We are looking for volunteers to help us with our lunches and activities.  It is a great opportunity to meet our seniors and help the community.  If you are interested in volunteering, please email Jen Wright at