Salem Days Family of the Year

Family of the Year 2024

Click Here for nomination form.  Nominations are due by Thursday, July 11th

Past Families of the Year include:

2023 Stephen and Linda Rees
2022 Reo and Janice Carson
2021 Mark and Keri Minson
2020 No Award issued due to COVID-19
2019 Paul and Pat Bradley
2018 Keith and Glenda Lyman
2017 Brad and Jan Gordon
2016 Chad and Daunis Wright
2015 Frank and Diane O. Wall
2014 Reed and Sandy Nelson
2013 Reed and Lucy Cornaby
2012 Richard and Geneel Orton
2011 Leray and Linda Warren
2010 Roy and JoeAnn Miller
2009 Lew and Evelyn Christensen
2008 Paul and Margo Trotter
2007 Harry and Lorna Davis
2006 Neil and Vicki Peterson
2005 Vaud and Donna Hanks
2004 Stanley and Diane Green
2003 Kenneth and Debbie Swenson
2002 J. Monte and LaVera D. James
2001 Garth and Harriet Hill
2000 Boyd and Deanna Hanks
1999 Clark and Donna Nelson
1998 Lynn and Aylene Christensen
1997 Don and Lorraine Underwood
1996 Don and Beverly Davis
1995 Stan and Callie Cole
1994 Aksel and Donna Tanner
1993 Fred and LaRae Ficklin
1992 Randall (Pete) and Eloise Sabin
1991 Dean and Ruth Cloward
1990 Byron and Colleen Orton
1989 Roy T. And Hortense Taylor
1988 Roen and Shirley Griffiths
1987 Glade and Frances Stone
1986 Max and Gay Wallentine
1985 Guss and Lois Black
1984 George F. (Jack) and Helen Davis
1983 Clarence and Kate Sheen