Salem Days Family Fireside

Family Fireside - Sunday, August 6, 2017  7:00 pm Salem Hills High School

This is a non-denominational fireside for families.

2017 Speakers: Kevin & Denise Miller

All about how men and women (including youth) can better understand each other and the differences between the genders.

We are delighted to welcome Kevin and Denise Miller as this year’s Salem Days Fireside speakers.  Kevin and Denise speak internationally on the topic we have selected: all about how men and women (including youth age) can better understand each other and the differences between the genders.  Kevin said, “No matter where we present this in the world, people come up and say, ‘Now I understand why she/he acts that way!”  They use a great deal of humor, including some great cartoons and stories, to illustrate these differences.  Denise said, “There are reasons why we communicate the way we do, and understanding how men and women differ in the way they communicate and solve problems can prevent many misunderstandings.”  The Millers will cover some of the differences between the male and female brain and how that accounts for many things in how we think and communicate.  They will also cover cultural differences and how boys and girls grow up in different worlds and how this reflects in the way we behave later in life at home and work.  This is a fireside you won’t want to miss…and they provide a great handout to take home for future discussions.


Kevin is the President and founder of VisionBound International, LLC, a consulting company that addresses how to improve organizations in three lanes: Win Loyal Customers, Provide Inspiring Leaders and Build Winning Teams.  He retired as a U.S. Army officer in 1996 and has worked 21 years with companies and teams around the world.  You can learn more at


Come join us for an unforgettable evening!

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