Public Hearing for FY 2024 Proposed Budget, Proposed Transfers and Administration Costs, and Amendment of FY 2022/2023 Budget will be held June 7th, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at the Salem City Council Chambers (30 West 100 South), and electronically over Zoom.


Salem City Management takes many steps to ensure fraud is not happening within Salem City.   If you feel that there is fraud happening you may report it to the following email:     You may also send a letter to Salem City Mayor, Salem City Finance Director, and Salem City Treasurer at P.O. Box, 901, Salem Utah   84653.

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Approved Fraud Assessment 2022

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BUDGET 2023/2024

Approved Budget FY 2024 (Approved 6/7/23)

Tentative Budget (Approved 5-17-23)

Approve Fiscal Year 2024 Fund Transfer Information

Proposed Fiscal Year 2024 Fund Transfer Information
(In accordance with Utah State Code 10-6-135.5, Salem City is noticing the proposed Transfers for the Enterprise Funds.  You can view the information on the Salem City web page at   There will also be a public hearing held on June 1st, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at the Salem City Council Chambers (30 West 100 South) to discuss the Proposed Budget, Proposed Transfers, and Administration Costs.)

FY 2023/2024 Monthly Budget Reports

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August 2023 November 2023 February 2024 May 2024
September 2023 December 2023 March 2024 June 2024


Budget 2022/2023
Financial Statement 2022/2023 (Approved Audit Report)

Budget 2021/2022
Financial Statement 2021/2022 (Approved Audit Report)

Budget 2020/2021
Financial Statement 2020/2021 (Approved Audit Report)

Budget 2019/2020 
Financial Statement 2019/2020 (Approved Audit Report)

Budget 2018/2019

Financial Statement 2018/2019 (Approved Audit Report)

Budget 2017/2018

Financial Statement 2017/2018 (Approved Audit Report)

Budget 2016/2017
Financial Statement 2016/2017 (Approved Audit Report)

Budget 2015/2016
Financial Statement 2015/2016 (Approved Audit Report)

Budget 2014/2015
Financial Statement 2014/2015 (Approved Audit Report)

Budget 2013/2014
Financial Statement 2013/2014 (Approved Audit Report)

Budget 2012/2013
Financial Statement 2012/2013 (Approved Audit Report)

Budget 2011/2012
Financial Statement 2011/2012 (Approved Audit Report)

Budget 2010/2011
Financial Statement 2010/2011 (Approved Audit Report)