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PI Customer Usage Portal Information

2024 Water Year

PI Bill Calculator

To estimate your monthly PI Bill during the water season, you can use this calculator.

PI Bill Calculator 

Remember you will be billed for your base rate year round, but during the watering season, you will also be billed based on your gallons used.

Links for Water Conservation Tips

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Slow the Flow - Save H2O

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 The Central Utah Water Conservancy District offers many different rebate programs.  For more information on water conservation-related rebates offered for programs like Flip Your Strip, Toilet Replacement, Smart Controllers or to sign up for the localscapes rewards program, go the Central Utah Water Conservancy Districts rebates page cuwcd rebates


Pressurized Irrigation

Indoor Water (Culinary) vs. Outdoor Water (Secondary/PI Water)

As we gear up for the upcoming pressurized irrigation water season, it's crucial to understand the distinction between culinary (indoor) water and secondary (PI) water.

Culinary water, also known as drinking water, is the treated water that flows into your home and is perfectly safe for consumption.


On the other hand, secondary water, also referred to as pressurized irrigation water, remains untreated and is intended solely for outdoor use, particularly for watering lawns and landscapes. It's important to note that drinking or playing in secondary water can make you sick.


For further details, visit the Utah Department of Health & Human Services website at https://epi.utah.gov/secondary-water-safety/.

Resolution 31523C
  -Approved 03/15/2023 - New Pressurized Irrigation Rates
to begin June 1, 2023

New Residential/Commercial Base Rate 
(Charged Year-Round)

Service Size Monthly Base Rate 
One Inch (1") $30.13
One and One-half inch (1 1/2") $41.97
Two-inch (2") $53.82

New Residential/Commercial Usage Rates
(Charged Based On Usage)

Usage  Proposed Rate ($/kgal)
Tier 1 (from 0-20 kgal)       $0.50
Tier 2 (from 20-50kgal) $1.05
Tier 3 (from 50-80kgal) $1.50
Tier 4 (from 80-up kgal) $2.20

Pressurized Irrigation Letters sent to Residents

Letter sent March 24, 2023 

Letter sent March 31, 2023


CLICK HERE for a Pressurized Irrigation System Connection flyer in PDF format.

Below is a diagram that illustrates a typical residential connection to the pressurized irrigation system. It also shows a typical disconnect from the drinking water (culinary) system. It is unlawful for these two systems to be connected at the same time even with a shut off valve in-between the two systems. The two systems must be physically disconnected from one another to avoid potential contamination.

Please call Salem City at 423-2770 to schedule an inspection when you connect to the PI, before you bury your piping systems.