2010 Photo Calendar Winners
January Bridge/Loafer in Winter by Richard McClellan
February Bridge in Winter by Janae Blanchard
March Blossoms by Kenyon McConahay
April Beer Creek/Loafer in Spring by Dale Boman
May Pond/Loafer Spring by Eric Melander
June Sunset by Elizabeth Tervort
Knoll Park/Bridge in Summer July by Makinli Slaugh
August Sunflowers by Polly Billings
September Pond/Loafer Fall Rain by Suzanna Higginson
October Pond in Fall by Kelly Cope
November Christensen Barn in Fall by Katelyn Higginson
December Pond Town Christmas Lights by Chase Higginson
Cover John Deere Tractor by Richelle Cook

2009 Photo Calendar Winners
January Trees in Snow by Lani McCann
February Bridge in Winter by Stacy Robbins
March Pond in Winter by Suzanna Higginsony
April Old Bridge 1944 by Ruth Ann Williams
May Old Bridge 1950s by Joan Thorpe
June Sunset by Derek Lemon
July Community Center by LaVera James
August Sunset by Garth Hill
September Sunset by Shelby Thurgood
October Sunset by Katelyn Higginson
November Winter Elk by Robyn Mortensen
December Snow Upper Pond by Janet Johnson
Cover Fall Mt. Loafer Jasmine McCann

2008 Photo Calendar Winners
January Bridge in Snow by Harold Measom
February Sunset by Alan Murdock
March Bunny by Mary Sivertsen
April Barn/Loafer Spring by Dale Boman
May Sunflowers/Loafer by Evan Rees
June Duck and Ducklings by Catherine Callison
July Old Cabin by Brady Davis
August Cattails in the Wind by ZaQ Wilcox
September Golden Trees by Jim Callison
October Water Wheel in Fall by Matt Larsen
November Old Barn by Katelyn Higginson
December Pond in Winter by Lani McCann
Cover Fall/Snowfall Mt. Loafer by Wally Trotter

2007 Photo Calendar Winners
January Pond in Winter by Julia Woodward
February Pond in Winter by Shirley Griffiths
March Rows of Trees in the Snow by Emmich family
April Pond, Trees, Wilcox Barn by Laurie Deming
May Mare and Colt by Derick Deebens (photo rights not given)
June Pond, Bridge, Mt. Loafer in the Spring by Jalene Pope
July Blue Sunset on Pond by Dale Boman
August Pond from the Air by Ryan Robison
September Horse in Field by Stacy MacCabe (photo rights not given)
October Sunset by Charlie Higginson
November Frost on the Pond by L. Dean Lee
December Pond, Bridge, Mt. Loafer in Clouds in Winter by Alan McIntier

2006 Calendar (not a contest year)

Guest photographer ©Doug Adams. DO NOT COPY OR USE WITHOUT PERMISSION
January Pond Bridge Winter Scene ©Doug Adams
February Late Afternoon Pond and Knoll Park by Dale Boman
March Spring Afternoon Pond, Mt. Loafer ©Doug Adams
April Spring Afternoon on Pond by Dale Boman
May Fishing off the Old Dock by Dale Boman
June Sunset ©Doug Adams
July Summer Sunset ©Doug Adams
August Sunflowers and Barn ©Doug Adams
September Fall Beauty Pond, Mt. Loafer by Ralph Hughes
October Fall Afternoon Pond, Mt. Loafer ©Doug Adams
November Fall Barn ©Doug Adams
December Pond Town Christmas Photo Collage by Dale Boman