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Daily Needs 9-20-18 are needed.  Please check to see what needs are needed

Fire Update 9-20-18
PDF of the Fire Update for 9-20-18 (Click Here)

Utah County Sheriff PDF Press Release (Click to read update)
This Press Release has some web pages to view for updates.

Salem City Residents - Subject: cougar safety info - “We have had a few reports of citizens in the community capturing cougars (mountain lions) on their home surveillance cameras at night. While it is not uncommon to see wild animals on occasion in our community, the current wildlands fire may push more wildlife than normal into our city. We are providing a link from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to help familiarize yourself with cougar safety. If you see a cougar in your neighborhood, no not approach and immediately call Utah Valley Dispatch at (801) 794-3970.”




Fire Update 9-19-18
PDF Update (click to read update)

Fire Update 9-18-18

Latest update: Bald Mountain Fire
Current Size: 15,635 Acres

Percent Contained: 12 %
1,720 Homes Evacuated
6,000 Citizens
Red Flag Warning again tomorrow
Estimated Cost to date. $2,200,000. 

There will be a Fire Informational Meeting tonight (9-18-18) for Woodland Hills and Elk Ridge residents who have been evacuated.   This meeting will be held at Salem Hills High School auditorium at 6:00 p.m.     This meeting is only for those who have been evacuated from their homes.

  •          The Bald Mountain Fire and Pole Creek Fire are burning together on the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.  Type 1 Incident Management Teams have been assigned to each fire, separately.  The objective for both fires is full suppression.
  •          The following areas are now under and Evacuation Notice due to the Bald Mountain Fire: 

Elk Ridge
Woodland Hills 

  •          Despite extreme fire behavior, no residences or structures have been reported lost.
  •          To ensure public safety, the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest has implemented a road and area closure.  Fire growth could require an increase in the closure area.
  •          The sheriff is assisting with road closures where fire is active and not safe for the public.  Be prepared for closures to change or for delays along roads leading into fire areas.
  •          Smoke continues to heavily impact the neighboring communities.
  •          Indirect dozer and handlines are being placed around communities at risk.
  •          Crews are going direct, where possible, to slow the forward progression of the fire.
  •          Bald Mountain Fire is 14,866 acres.  The fire remains at 0% containment.
  •          Total personnel: 578 estimated (more arriving).
  •          The Bald Mountain Fire was started by lighting on August 24, 2018 in the Mount Nebo Wilderness, just below the top of Bald Mountain.

Fire Update 9-17-18

PDF Update for 9-17-18

2:00 p.m.  

Bald Mountain Fire continues to grow


The Bald Mountain Fire burning southeast of Salem in Utah County grew more than 1,300 acres overnight and has now burned 14,866 acres since it started Aug. 24, according to the U.S. Forest Service. 

The lightning-caused fire remains 0 percent contained. A map released by Utah Fire Info shows the fire has essentially merged with the Pole Creek Fire, which is burning east of Bald Mountain. 

The two fires are burning west of the mostly-contained Coal Hollow Fire, which burned more than 30,000 acres in Spanish Fork Canyon since August.

 PDF Map


9/16/18 (8:30 p.m.)  P.I. System Update:  Salem City Residents, we want to thank you for your patience while we had the Pressurized Irrigation (P.I.) system turned off, so the P.I. ponds could be used for firefighting efforts. We have decided at this time to turn the P.I. system back on. We ask that you please use it wisely/sparingly, so we can make sure the P.I. ponds will remain full for the firefighting efforts. If at anytime we need to shut the P.I. system off, we will notify you. We will be on the regular schedule of watering; odd house numbers can water on odd days and even house numbers on even days. No watering between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Again, we thank you for your patience and understanding as we help our neighboring communities in need.



Fire Update 9-16-18
Click here for PDF document of today's update

Salem City Residents living South of the Highline Canal are still considered to be in a pre-evacuation status.  You have been in this status since Thursday September 13, 2018.  In a meeting this morning (September 16, 2018) concerning the fire, it was again reaffirmed that status has not changed.  The pre-evacuation status means that you should be prepared to leave your homes with little notice. Salem City is  recommending citizens who live in wooded areas south of the Highline Canal should evacuate as a precaution.  All citizens living south of Highline Canal that are not in a wooded area should consider evacuating at their discretion.  We will update you with additional information as it becomes available.  The cities of Elk Ridge and Woodland Hills, along with the community of Covered Bridge and US Hwy 89 from Thistle to Birdseye are still under an evacuation order.

Map (South of Highline Canal)

Click Here for the image

Fire Update 09-15-18:

1:00 p.m.   
We continue to have red-flag weather warnings due to expected high south-west winds, potentially reaching up to 50 mph in the high elevation areas and up to 25 mph in the lower valleys. Evacuation and pre-evacuation status will remain in place as long as wind is a factor and there is a threat from fire.


Approximately 2000 homes have been evacuated, involving 6000 evacuees. Currently no structures have been damaged. 

Many community members have graciously donated items to the firefighters at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds. They thank you for your generosity, but their system is designed to supply all of their needs. 

As the Pole Creek and Bald Mountain fires continue to grow, Utah County will be submitting a crisis declaration Saturday morning. Elected officials and fire officials will be providing additional comment and updates to the media regarding this declaration at approximately 10:45 am at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds.

Fire Update 09-14-18: 

The following evacuations and closures are still in place:

-Santaquin Canyon in closed.

-Payson Canyon is closed.

-Nebo Loop Road at SR-132 in Nephi Canyon is closed.

-US Highway 89, in Spanish Fork Canyon, is closed from mile 312, at Thistle Junction, to mile 298, at the Utah /Sanpete County line.


-All residents living along US HWY-89 in the area from Nebo Creek to Thistle Junction.

-All residents in Covered Bridge community near the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon.

-All residents living in the cities of Woodland Hills and Elk Ridge.


-For residents in these areas who have urgent need to get to their home (For medications or to remove pets or livestock, for example), access points are set up at 11200 S Woodland Hills Drive for Woodland Hills, and 11200 S Loafer Canyon Road and 11200 S Elk Ridge Drive (1600 West) for Elk Ridge. Access to Covered Bridge may not be available because of ongoing fire operations. A police officer will escort those who have these needs.

FIRE UPDATE: The fires in Utah County are listed as the number one priority fire in the country. Switchbacks are now on fire above Woodland Hills and there are spot fires at mouth of Santaquin Canyon. Crews from all over are working to keep people and property safe.

FIRE UPDATE: Good news! We have 4 air tankers working the fire with two more inbound. In addition, we have two helicopters working in support.  The intent is to work the edges of the fire to allow fire crews to move in closer. Winds later in the day may adversely affect our ability to fly and drop retardant, but for now we are hoping to take advantage of the calm conditions.

12:00 noon

FIRE UPDATE: Pole Creek Fire size estimate is 54K acres. Bald Mountain Fire size estimate is 14.5K acres. Fire officials plan for air attack this morning before winds pick up later in the day. The cities of Elk Ridge and Woodland Hills, along with the community of Covered Bridge and US Hwy 89 from Thistle to Birdseye are still under evacuation order. Utah County Sheriff Deputies will be assisting in those areas with residents who have emergency needs for medications at their homes and who might still have pets or livestock on their property.

Link to Maps of the two fires (Pole Creek and Bald Mountain)  

Nebo School District Web Page for School Information:

6:30 P.M. 9/13/18
Salem City is recommending citizens who live in wooded areas south of the Highline Canal should evacuate as a precaution.  All citizens living south of Highline Canal that are not in a wooded area should consider evacuating at their discretion.  We will update you with additional information as it becomes available

Map (South of Highline Canal)

Click Here for the image

Due to the fire, Salem City residents living south of Highline Canal Road have just been included in a pre-evacuation notice. This order is NOT an evacuation order, but is intended to give you ample notice in the event there is a need to put in place an evacuation order. We will notify you of any changes that may occur.

Salem City has temporarily shut off the pressurized irrigation system to have water available in case it is needed to fight fires. We will keep you updated as well as advise you when the PI system is back on. Thank you for your patience and understanding.



Salem City has a NEW Exchange Zone. 

It is located on the East Side of the Salem City Office 

at 90 South Main Street.

click here for more information 



Salem City Sewer Plant Project

Salem City Mayor and Council would like to thank those who came to the public hearing on February 21, where the sewer plant project and bonding was discussed.  There were a lot of good questions and comments.   As we continue to get new questions we will publish them here for all to read.    We will also update on the progress of the sewer plant.  

The city has been asked different questions about the new sewer plant.   As we get these questions we are posting them here along with the answer.   We hope this will help answer many of your questions.    If you have an additional question, please email the city at:

Click on the link for the Q/A and other information



  • April 30: Bid documents are available
  • May 9: Prebid meetings at City Hall, with site visit afterwards (WRF project at 10:00 AM, pipelines project at 2:00 PM)
  • June 5: Bids for WRF due at City Hall at 2 pm 
  • June 6: Bids for pipeline due at City Hall at 2 pm
  • June 27: Water Quality board meeting for approval of additional funding
  • July 20: Loan Closing 
  • August 2: Ground Breaking

Wednesday July 18 - City Council Meeting -

City Council approved to award the bid for Salem Water Reclamation Facility to VanCon. 

City Council approved to award the bid for Salem Water Reclamation Pipeline to Condie Construction.

City Council also authorized Forsgren Engineering to proceed with construction services.

Wednesday June 27 - Division of Water Quality (DWQ) Board Meeting -

Board approved the loan for $20 million for 30 years at 1.15% interest

Wednesday April 4 - City Council Meeting - 

City Council approved the Contractor Prequalification for the Sewer Treatment Plant Project. Here is the link for a list of the prequalified contractors:  Prequalified Recommendation

Wednesday March 7 - City Council Meeting -

City Council approved Resolution 30718B establishing sewer rates for the next couple of years.   Here is the link to the resolution:   Resolution 30718B

City Council approved Resolution 30718A - adopting the wastewater facilities planning study and environmental review and assessment (for a copy of this, please contact the city office).

City Council also authorized Forsgren Engineering to begin the bidding process for the sewer plant.   

If you would like to be noticed of City Council Agenda's, minutes and/or documents on the agenda when they are made public.  Please go to the Utah Public Notice web page and sign up to subscribe to Salem City.   When these items are available you will receive an email notifying you.   
Here is a link to the web page:


PI System   

Please water wisely.   When it rains, turn your sprinkler system off.  

We will also have the following Water Restrictions. 
As always, no watering is allowed from 10:00 am-6:00 pm on any day. 

This one right now is on a voluntary basis.   We hope our residents will follow the recommended watering schedule to help conserve the water.   We are requesting our residents to water their yards every other day. This rotation will have you watering three to four times a week as a maximum. 

If your house number is an odd number, you will water on odd calendar days.
If your house number is an even number, you will water on even calendar days.

Salem City has had a few residents express a concern over the watering on odd/even days, because they believe their sprinkler system clock does not have the capability to be programed for odd/even days.    We thank you for letting us know about your concern.   When looking into the sprinkler clocks, a vast majority of clocks do have the ability to be programed for odd/even days, especially if they are not older than 20 - 25 years.   If you do have one of those clocks, there are rebates available from the Central Utah Water Conservancy District ( to help with the cost of a new, more efficient clock.     If you are still unable to make the changes, either on your current clock or purchase a new one, please let us know (801-423-2770) and we can have someone come and look at your current clock.    We are still asking that you honor the current voluntary water restrictions.    We thank you for your efforts and we do understand your concern and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We recognize that we will have a hiccup with those months that have 31 days (May, July, Aug). We are asking that the 31st of those months be recognized as a NO WATER DAY. The City will send out reminders as those days approach. We will inform our citizens if we find that greater restrictions are necessary.

Please do your part to help us conserve!



Green Waste Vouchers are now available

These vouchers allow you to take a covered load of
green yard waste
to the South Utah Valley Transfer Station
located at 2450 West 400 South Springville, Utah. 
They will work the same way as they did last year 
2 per residence.

Nuisance Abatement
Salem City has ordinances in place regarding nuisance abatement on property.  Nuisances include but are not limited to the following.  Inoperable vehicle's, noxious or unsightly weeds, debris including trash, lumber, construction waste, bricks, tires or other items similar in nature. If you have any questions please feel free to to contact Officer Christensen of the Salem Police Department 801-423-2312.
click here for entire letter regarding nuisance abatement



Effective Immediately: 

The Salem Police Department will no longer be accepting 
any types of sharps including needles.

Disposal Option:

South Valley Solid Waste District will take your sharps including needles. You can drop medical needles off to them if they are in a sharp container or in a 2 liter soda bottle. You can purchase sharp containers at, Salem Hills Pharmacy, Walmart or by going online.

South Valley Solid Waste District
2450 West 400 South Springville, UT

(801) 489-3027 



Salem City Police Chief Brad James would like Senior Citizens and Family Members who have Senior Citizens to be aware of potential fraud and scam.    Below are two different links to help residents be aware:

“Clear guide to help people avoid and detect elder fraud”

 Senior Citizen Alert - Scam and Fraud (click here)  


For information on what is happening in Salem, click on Recent News!