2017 Council Calendar

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Council Meeting Minutes

Mayor & City Council

Council and Mayor (Left to Right)
Councilperson Sterling Rees, Councilperson Cristy Simons, Mayor Randy Brailsford,
Councilperson Aaron Cloward (has resigned, Seth Sorensen was selected to take his place), Councilperson Craig Warren, Councilperson Soren Christensen,

Mayor and City Council Boards
and Program Assignments

Mayor Randy Brailsford
E-mail Mayor Brailsford, email address: mayorbrailsford@salemcity.org
Phone:  801-423-2770 ext 201

Public Safety,  Finances/Budget,  New City Improvements, City Employees, Red Alert Advisor, Salem Days Representative,  (DRC) Development Review Committee Member,  Chair Mayor & Council Advisory Board,  Emergency Preparedness Committee Member

Councilperson Sterling M. Rees
E-mail Councilperson Sterling Rees, email address:  srees@salemcity.org
Phone:  801-423-2770

Mayor Pro Tem,  (UMPA) Utah Municipal Power Association Representative, Co-chair Mayor Council Advisory Board, Memorial Day Program, Alternative Power Meetings

Councilperson Soren K. Christensen
E-mail Councilperson Soren Christensen, email address:  schristensen@salemcity.org
Phone:  801-423-2770

Water and Pressurized Irrigation Meetings and Water Delivery Meetings,  (SUVMWA) South Utah Valley Municipal Water Association Representative,  Emergency Preparedness Committee Council Representative,  New Sewer Plant Meetings,  Nebo Water Agency Alternate,  Development Review Committee (DRC) Alternate,  Alternative Power Meetings Alternate

Councilperson Seth Sorensen
E-mail Councilperson , email address:  ssorensen@salemcity.org
Phone:  801-423-2770

Recreation Meetings, New Sewer Plant Meetings, Salem Days Representative, Council Representative of New Improvements

Councilperson Cristy Simons
E-mail Councilperson Christy Simons, email address:  csimons@salemcity.org
Phone:  801-423-2770

Library Board Representative, New Events Planner,  Chamber of Commerce Representative  Lighting Ceremony Program for Pond Town Christmas,  Miss Salem Council Representative,  Salem Youth Council Representative,  Salem Recreation Meeting Alternate,  Solid and Green Waste Board of Trustee Alternate

Councilperson Craig Warren
E-mail Councilperson Warren, email address:  cwarren@salemcity.org
Phone:  801-423-2770

Solid Waste Board of Trustee,  Meetings Storm Drain,  Master Road Plan Meeting,  Sewer Collection System Meetings,  New Event Alternate,  

Other Assignments
Reid Nelson - UMPA Alternate
Matt Marziale (Recreation Director) - Eagle Scout Projects