FINAL Concerts In The Park

Plan on attending the FINAL Concerts In The Park on Monday, August 8th at 7 p.m.  This event is free and will be held at the Knoll Park Outdoor Stage.  Proves to be a terrific night.  We would love to see the entire hillside covered with family and friends, so mark your calendars and spread the word.  The performers will be Branson, Maisy Merchant, and the group Firefly.  Also, food vendors will be onsite.  This has been a fun activity for our community this summer and we wish to thank everyone who has participated and supported this event.

Library Fundraiser

On Monday, August 15th from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. the Spanish Fork Chick-fil-A will donate all profits made during these hours to the Salem City Library.  The address is 825 E. Highway 6 in Spanish Fork.  Bring your family and friends that evening to enjoy yummy food and help support our library.  Make sure when you order that you tell the cashier you are with Salem City for the library.  Thank you Chick-fil-A!

Donations are still needed for the Salem Days Library Auction!

Pressurized Irrigation - South Bench of Salem

The City is continually trying to find ways to deal with water and issues related to pressurized irrigation. As the season is now warmer, water demand and usage have risen substantially. We are finding that neighborhoods along the south bench of Salem are experiencing fluctuation in water pressure and volume. These fluctuations are the result of a large number of users watering at the same time. In an effort to help resolve this issue, the City recommends and encourages users that live south of the Salem Canal (lower canal) to alternate watering schedules based on your house number.

The following suggestions could be taken immediately to increase the water pressure and volume issue you might be experiencing:

  • Houses beginning with even number addresses are encouraged to water in the evening hours.
  • Houses beginning with odd number addresses are encouraged to water in the early morning hours.

Please note that the current water regulations still apply. No watering between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. and NO watering Tuesday’s and Friday’s for residents. Just a reminder that on Tuesday and Friday the no watering restriction begins and ends at 12 midnight. The best way to help with this situation is to conserve water and not over water your yards.

Water conservation tips


Salem City will be closed on Monday, July 25, 2016 for Pioneer Day.  Garbage will be picked up on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 as usual.

Days Events

Firework Restrictions
Firework Restrictions

PI System

Remember there is no outside watering between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. every day.  There is also no outside watering at all on Tuesdays and Fridays for residents and no watering on Tuesdays and Saturdays for commercial users. 
Please help conserve water so additional water restrictions will not be needed.


The rate increase for Pressurized Irrigation is effective on your May 31, 2016, utility bill.  Information regarding this increase was included in the March 2016, April 2016, and May 2016 newsletters.  Below is a link to these newsletters and the Resolution No. 51816 that the City Council approved on May 18, 2016.


For information on the Green Waste, click here.

We are sorry to inform you, but Salem City will NOT be doing a spring clean up and the green waste site has been closed.  Salem City can no longer subsidize the green waste.   You may go to the city office and pick up a voucher to take your green waste to the SUVSWD Transfer Station.  You will be allowed 2 vouchers for the year.   The voucher is good for a standard pick up truck load of green waste.  
Please read the information.

If you have placed green waste on the side of the road to be picked up, please pick it up and dispose of it properly.   Salem City is a beautiful city, we need your help to keep it that way.

Recycling Bins

Dumpsters are for the use of Salem City Residents only
Dumping outside of the dumpsters is considered littering
and will be strictly enforced by the Salem City
Police Department (Utah Code 76-10-2701).
Continued discarding of materials outside
of the containers instead of in them,
will result in Salem cancelling the program

Please help us so the dumpsters don't look like this.   They are dumped
three times a week, and each time it costs the city money.  
Remember, this is for Salem City Residents Only.
Read April's Newsletter for more information.

Deer Survey
Residents, Please take a moment to print off this survey (or pick one up at the city office) and return it to Salem City Office.  
We would like to have your feed back on the Deer Situation within Salem City Limits. 


Only one survey per household

RESIDENTS: Salem City needs your help. Please clean out the gutters in front of your property so the debris does not clog up the storm drains.  If you have a storm drain grate in front of your house, please make sure there is no debris covering it.  Thank you for your help with this matter.

Senior Citizen Alert - Scam and Fraud (click here) 

For information on what is happening in Salem,

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