Open Burn

Information on Open Burn

Due to extreme drought conditions and high fire danger, the state forester has postponed the fall 2020 open burn season.

Salem City Green Waste



Salem City residents, Salem City has closed the green waste site by the rodeo arena and the South Utah Valley Solid Waste District (SUVSWD) has closed the green waste site in Spanish Fork (located behind Kmart, near Wal-Mart).

Salem City belongs to SUVSWD, and they would dispose of our green waste at the rodeo arena.   Because SUVSWD is not doing green waste anymore, Salem City does not have the funds to dispose of the green waste.  

The Solid Waste District released the following information regarding the closure:

"As the District Manager, I hope to clarify any misunderstandings that might be circulating about the green waste…..

The District represents the member cities of Provo, Springville, Spanish Fork, Mapleton, Salem, Woodland Hills and Goshen. The District has maintained two green waste service sites, one in Spanish Fork and the other in Provo.

Your green waste is collected, ground and transported to the district's composting site located at the Bayview Landfill site over in Elberta. The District has set aside more than 30 acres of land to make the composting products that have been available to purchase. The cost of running this operation has grown to well over $1 million a year and the member cities have been subsidizing the operations for several years.

The governing board of SUVSWD has been discussing options for green waste for years. The district has determined to close all operations because of how expensive they are to operate. If you have additional questions please call Terry Ficklin, the General Manager at the Transfer Station at 801.489.3027."

Salem City realizes that the closure of the green waste site will require residents to use alternative methods to dispose of yard waste and has diligently looked into feasible green waste and composting options in the community.

In addition to the green waste site closing, Salem City will NOT be doing a spring clean-up of green waste. Due to the increasing cost of the Spring Clean-up and disposing of the green waste, the city no longer can subsidize the cost of green waste.

However, the city council has decided to allow each Salem City residential home and Salem City Business two vouchers that will allow them to take their green waste to the SUVSWD transfer station at the north end of Spanish Fork Main Street (2450 West 400 South in Springville) at no charge (normally $8 fee).  The vouchers are for a normal pick-up truck load that is covered.   If it is not covered or if it is more than a normal pick-up truck load, you will be charged extra. You may pick up your voucher at the Salem City office during business hours after April 1, 2019.  

These vouchers can be used anytime from April 1, 2021 through the end of November 2021.

As a reminder, you are welcome to dispose of your green waste any time by taking it over to the SUVSWD transfer station and paying the fee.   You may also put your green waste in your black garbage can (if you put grass clippings, please put it in a garbage bag).   If you feel you will not have enough room in your black can, you can have a second can delivered by calling the city office (a $25 setup fee and $11.04 per month. You must keep the can for at least one year.).      

If you have placed green waste on the side of the roads, please pick it up and dispose of it properly. Salem City is a beautiful city, we need your help to keep it that way.   If you have a neighbor who does not have a pickup truck, maybe offer your truck or offer to take their load over for them. This is what makes Salem City such a great city, neighbors looking out for and helping neighbors.