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Tackle Football equipment Check in.

Wednesday & Thursday - October 25th & 26th

Please wash all uniform parts.

Please put your pads in your pants.

Please bring, Helmet, both Jerseys, Pants with pads and Shoulder pads.

3:30p to 5:30p  - Loafer Ball Park - Entry (600 E. Canal Rd)

Tackle Football

3rd & 4th Grade Tackle Football Schedule 
5th Grade Tackle Football Schedule
6th Grade Tackle Football Schedule
7th Grade Tackle Football Schedule
8th Grade Tackle Football Schedule

Freshman Football Schedule- Updated 09/13/2017

Tackle Play Off Schedule

Nebo Tackle Football Playoff Schedule UPDATED 10-20-17

Nebo Tackle Football Playoff with Scores & Winners 10-25-17

Flag Football

1st & 2nd Grade Schedule Revised 09/13/17
3rd & 4th Grade Schedule Revised 09/25/17
5th & 6th Grade Schedule Revised 09/28/17


3rd & 4th Grade Standings
5th & 6th Grade Standings

Play Off Bracket

3rd & 4th Grade Play Off Bracket - 10/11/2017
5th & 6th Grade Play Off Bracket - 10/11/2017