Election Dates

Elections will be VOTE BY MAIL

General Election

November 5, 2019

Election Information

If you have any questions please contact Salem City Recorder, Jeff Nielson.   801-423-2770 ext 202. or jeffn@salemcity.org

Voting Information

Candidates who filed for Council Position for the General Elections:

The names are in order as they will appear on the Ballot:

      Troy L Barnum 
      Delys W. Snyder
      Seth Sorensen 
      Tim De Graw
      Joshua W. Thayer

Candidates who have filed (click on candidates name to see declaration of candidacy)
     Seth Sorensen - (posted 6-5-19)
     Delys W. Snyder - (posted 6-7-19)

     Troy L Barnum - (posted 6-7-19)

     Tim De Graw - (posted 6-7-19)

     Joshua W. Thayer - (posted 6-7-19)

Note, Salem City will not be having a Primary Election.   General Election will be on November 5, 2019.   Mail in Ballots will be mailed around October 15th    Please verify your information (address)is correct, so ballots will be mailed to correct address.  Do this ASAP at vote.utah.gov.


To be voted on in the Salem City Municipal General Election on November 5, 2019 : 3 Councilmember positions available—all are 4 Year terms.     Candidate filing period begins June 3, 2019 and ends June 7, 2019 at 5:00 p.m..  



Verify your voter registration info to make sure it is up to date.     
This is important if you have just moved to Salem.

Go to vote.utah.gov and click on the Find My Voter Registration Info, then enter your information.   Make sure all is correct so you can have a ballot mailed to you.


How to register to vote:

You may now register to vote online if you have a current Utah Driver's License or State ID Card. Visit vote.utah.gov to access this service.

You may mail or submit in person the voter registration form, before the registration deadline, to the address shown below.

Utah County Clerk, Elections Office
100 East Center Street, Rm 3100
Provo, Utah 84606

Election Questions? Call the Election Office @ 801-851-8128