Prior Years Approved Ordinances & Resolutions

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2023 Approved Ordinances/Resolutions

Approved 5/17/2023 - Ordinance 51723A - Impact Fee Enactment Ordinance for Storm Water Impact Fees

Approved 5/17/2023 - Ordinance 51723B - Amendment of Salem City Fee/Rate Schedule

Approved 5/17/2023 - Resolution 51723 - A Resolution in support of Salem City Law Enforcement Officers

Approved 4/19/2023 - Resolution 41923 - Resolution approving interlocal cooperation agreement between Utah County and Salem City for the Salem Canal Trail

Approved 3/15/2023 - Resolution 31523C - A Resolution amending Pressurized Irrigation Water Rates for Residential, Commercial, Churches, Schools and City Parks

Approved 3/15/2023 - Resolution 31523B - A Resolution amending and adopting Salem Fiber Rates

Approved 3/15/2023 - Resolution 31523A - A Resolution amending Electric Utility Rates

Approved 3/1/2023 - Ordinance 30123B - An Ordinance amending Title 12 of the Salem City Municipal Code Chapter 1 - Building Regulations,

12-01-010. Building Code -Adopted

Approved 3/1/2023 - Ordinance 30123A - An Ordinance amending Business License regulations concerning Mobile Food Vendors

Approved 3/1/2023 - Resolution 30123 - A Resolution adopting a policy statement regarding the establishment of Public Infrastructure Districts

Approved 2/15/2023 - Ordinance 21523B - An Ordinance amending the moderate income housing element of the general plan

Approved 2/15/2023 - Ordinance 21523A - An Ordinance changing the zoning designation of certain property within Salem City, known as Salem Fire/EMS property change

Approved 2/01/2023 - Ordinance 20123 - Impact Fee Enactment Ordinance for Transportation Impact Fees

Approved 2/01/2023 - Resolution 20123 - A Resolution of the City Council appointing a representative for Salem City Shares in the Salem Canal 


Approved 1/18/2023 - Ordinance 11823 - Ordinance approving control of backflow and cross connection program and policy