Firework Restrictions

Please be very cautious when discharging fireworks.

Salem City Ordinance on Fireworks

2023 Fireworks Sales & Discharge Dates

Salem City MAP of Restricted Fireworks Areas

Salem City Code  7-11

Fireworks Prohibited - Areas
Fireworks are prohibited in the following areas: 

1.  South of the Highline Canal;  

2.  East of Woodland Hills Drive; 

3.  North of 400 North except in
     developed subdivisions;

4.  Within twenty (20) feet of any building;  

5.  Within two hundred (200) feet of any open field,
     unimproved lot with dry vegetation, or any vacant
     building with dry vegetation on the lot;

6.  Within two hundred (200) feet of any haystack, straw,
     or other flammable agricultural product.

State Law- If you live in the county, or on unincorporated
private lands, fireworks are banned.

To see other state restrictions on Fireworks please visit: