Good Morning Neighbors to Payson!


We are nearing a significant milestone with the Payson Station Area Plan—the final public open house. We understand that the future Payson Station will serve the residents of all of your communities, as well as, Payson residents and we hope you will please join us on May 22nd between 5:00 – 7:00 pm to learn more about this important planning effort. We invite all of you and your residents to come and engage with Payson representatives and project consultants about the framework design for the station area. As an added bonus, the FrontRunner South Extension Team will be at the event to share information about the environmental review to extend FrontRunner service from Provo to Payson, serving three new stations in Springville, Spanish Fork, and Payson.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Employment Opportunity
Full Time Lead Journey Lineman
Full Time Assistant City Engineer
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Pressurized Irrigation

Salem City will commence filling the pressurized irrigation ponds this week and subsequently energize the lines. We anticipate the system will be operational by the first week of May (week of May 6th).


During the system's energization, please ensure that your main pressurized irrigation valve is in the closed position to prevent unnecessary flooding. Remember, the PI system is metered, and residents will be charged for water that passes through their system. Additionally, we kindly request that you monitor your PI box; if you detect a leak, please contact the city office at 801-423-2770.


Expect muddy water for the initial few weeks until sediment settles. Please check your sprinkler filters frequently during this period.


While awaiting the energization of the PI system, we have implemented a program to aid residents with water usage. We highly recommend that residents sign up for the 'PI Customer Usage Portal' if they haven't already. This portal offers valuable insights into daily/hourly water usage and enables the setup of alerts. Here is the link:


Once you begin using the PI system, we encourage you to adopt water-efficient practices. Numerous ideas and a weekly lawn watering guide are available on the Utah Division of Water Resources website at As a reminder, outdoor watering is prohibited between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. daily. Thank you!



Indoor Water (Culinary) vs. Outdoor Water (Secondary/PI Water)


As we gear up for the upcoming pressurized irrigation water season, it's crucial to understand the distinction between culinary (indoor) water and secondary (PI) water.


Culinary water, also known as drinking water, is the treated water that flows into your home and is perfectly safe for consumption.


On the other hand, secondary water, also referred to as pressurized irrigation water, remains untreated and is intended solely for outdoor use, particularly for watering lawns and landscapes. It's important to note that drinking or playing in secondary water can make you sick.


For further details, visit the Utah Department of Health & Human Services website at



  Notice of Construction 

Loafer Mountain Parkway
Elk Ridge Dr. Reconstruction
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Fiber to YOUR home is coming to Salem. 

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Public Safety Notices and Alerts
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