Salem City would like to welcome Seth Sorensen who was selected during the October 4 City Council Meeting to fill the vacancy on the City Council.  

Councilperson Seth Sorensen has also selected to withdrawal his name as a write-in candidate for the upcoming election


Ballots should be mailed out around the 18th of October.    You can either mail your ballots in (Must be post marked by November 6th), or you can bring them into the city office during business hours.   There will be a Voter Service Center on Tuesday November 7th from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.    This Center is to help answer questions, turn in your ballot, or if you did not get a ballot, you can vote here (Note, if you vote at the Service Center, it will take extra time, you will also need the proper forms of ID, (showing identity and proof of residency)).   The Service Center will be at the City Office (30 West 100 South).  

Sample Ballot

Last day to register in person as a voter is October 31,
and must be done at the Utah County Clerks Office

Check out



Here are the Salem City Candidates (Click on the Candidates name for more information about the candidate).

Mayor (4yr term)

Kurt L. Christensen   
Joshua Wilford Thayer
Soren K. Christensen (Write-In Candidate)


Council - 2 seats  (4yr term)

Sterling M. Rees
Garrett McLean Jones
Tim DeGraw (Write-In Candidate)
Howard Chuntz (Write-In Candidate)

NOTE Seth Sorensen has withdrawn as a write-in candidate.


Planning and Zoning
If you are interested in serving on Planning and Zoning, please contact the city with your information and why you would like to serve.

 PI (Pressurized Irrigation) System

The PI system is now shut down (16th of October).   Please make sure your system is shut off and if it needs to be winterized, please do so.    Also make sure in the spring your system is still shut off to avoid any potential flooding when it is turned back on.   

Green Waste
The green waste yard will be open to Salem Residents Monday, October 16th to Wednesday, November 1st.
Monday - Friday: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Saturdays: 12:00 to 6:00 pm
Closed Sundays
Please bring your City bill as proof of residency so the green waste gate keeper can verify your residency.
You may bring leaves, grass clippings, branches and trees that do not exceed 4 inches.  Garden waste is also welcome.

City Manager

After much research the City Council and Mayor approved an ordinance creating a City Manager position on September 20, 2017.   The council felt it was time to create the manager position and to help with the day-to-day administration operations of the city, especially as we continue to grow with residential and commercial growth.   The next step in this process will be to create a job description.   As we look at other cities similar in size and in our general area who have a city manager position, we will be reviewing their descriptions and pay range to help us create ours.   This process will take a little bit of time.   Once we feel good about the description and a pay range, we will go to the next step in the process, which will be opening the position up.    We do not anticipate this happening until the middle of November so the newly-elected officials may participate and give input in the process.   The appointment of the position would not happen until after the first of the year.    

Salem Survey Results
Thanks to all those who participated.

Green Waste 

Green Waste Vouchers for the Transfer Station are now available. They will work the same way as they did last year—only 2 per resident.   They will be good from April 1, 2017 - November 30, 2017.


Curbside Recycling Program is here!
(The Opt Out period ended January 31, 2017.)
Click here for more information and pick up schedule:   RECYCLING IS HERE!!!
IF you would like to participate in the recycling program, call the city office today - 801-423-2770.   Hurry and get your blue lid can now.

 Senior Citizen Alert - Scam and Fraud (click here) 

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